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BN3TH Climbing Blog - Our Undies, Out in the Wild

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Do you spend time in a harness??? Bn3th could be your next bit of gear!!! Weather you climb rocks, oil rigs, wind-turbines or jump out of planes, this underwear will revolutionise your day!!! Not having to worry about trapping a nut if you weight your harness un-intentionally, allows you to focus on what really matters. When I first tried a pair, I was just left shocked it has taken so long for a design like this to come out, considering what we see on some of these ‘designer catwalks’ with outrageous outfits. But it has taken till 2020 for me to find a pair of boxer-shorts that are designed with accommodating the male appendages adequately. By separating your sack from you thigh it stops them sticking together, I would expect most men understand this problem. I notice this most when driving, so they are perfect for those long drives as well, again 1 less thing to worry about. If you work in rope access and spend all day sitting in a harness, I would expect you will love these. Your junk stays
out front in a soft pouch and out of the road from your leg straps. I find myself planning which days I am going to wear my Bn3th through out the week and climbing days are top of the list. From the start of the day, waking up in the hammock or tent, changing into Bn3th with the MyPakage tech, your sausage and nuts, stay dry and separated from your legs. So with the first, most important bit of gear sort, its onto sorting the rest of your rack, or grabbing your bouldering mat and heading out. Driving to the crag is a pleasure. The walk in to a crag can be more dangerous than the climbing itself, so being able to focus on you feet and not having to adjust yourself, because your rubbing or crushing is priceless. Pathways can be 1 foot wide with hundreds of feet sheer drops on one side, having to walk weirdly to eliminate chaffing is not very safe at all. I have been in situations in the past myself, when I’m having to peel my sack from my thigh, with certain death just a slip away, but men know you have to adjust things, as it complicated down there. Bn3th have removed this silly risk from what should be a nice walk in, with breath taking views. How come all of the outdoor industry have missed this simple life hack, and again how has it taken so long to come to market, surely, this is the future of underwear, and just how male underwear should be. I mean, you can buy, a waterproof jacket, that is breathable, but not underwear that has taken into account the fact men actually have material down there that needs accommodating. Pulling on the harness when you're at the crag, pulls your crotch out to the front anyway, so having the ‘soft cup’ gently holding your little fella there is a match made in heaven. Weather you are climbing or belaying, you will see the benefit of this tech within seconds, we spend fortunes on shiny bits of gear and
thought there was underwear perfectly designed for what we do! Usually our junk just flops around or is smushed against your leg, which opens up the possibility of things moving as you do, sinking into a nice deep rock-over, or a high heel hook is a sure way to dislodge your initial setup, and say you fall during one of these moves, it is quite possible you will unintentionally trap a nut, and this can end a climb for sure. Now I don’t know the data for people being hospitalised for said injury, but I do know it is in the back of your mind it could happen. Picture yourself, 3 meters above your last clip, you have just committed to a high rock-over, on a crappy 2 finger shallow pocket, fiddling with an insubordinate rope and quick-draw… What is the last thing you want to be thinking about at this precise moment? Bn3th appear to remove this issue all together, you know what it is like, if something just works you don’t really notice it, But you definitely notice if it doesn’t work! There is a running joke with climbers, especially in the male community, where you don’t let your climber fully down because of the known uncomfortableness of weighting a harness, joke is on them with these boxers! Being dry and comfortable at the end of the day, ready for the walk out really adds to the enjoyment of the day. Often at the end of a days climbing you are hot and sweaty, and this can make for the most uncomfortable and dangerous walkout, not when I’m wearing my Bn3th. All day comfort, and not having to constantly adjust yourself is liberating and really does allow you to focus on what you are there to do. I surprised a couple of my friends to new pairs to try and keep obviously. The boys were more than happy at the prospect of a days climbing without the danger of trapping their Nuts. Over the moon would be an understatement for their excitement to try them in a harness.. (aspirations of modelling arise for 1 when the camera comes out for a quick snap of their first moments and expressions of curiosity and wonder linger on the other) They were not disappointed, they loved them and now find themselves interested in when the laundry is being done. “I think Christmas and birthday presents are sorted from this day forth” said one of the lads. It is a revolutionary moment, the first time you try a pair on. “For a harness these things are perfect, they are now just going to be part of my climbing gear!” Was one of the first things out of one of the lads. Now, they are presented with the conflict of the price, I have had to change the way I think about allocating funds to different parts of my wardrobe. I will spend fortunes on footwear and and out door clothing, but never had to contend with the additional cost of quality, objective driven underwear. 3 pairs for £10 would be the normal I think I would pay, maybe £15, but £15-£25 a pair made me have to sit down and re-think how much worth I put on being comfortable in the crotch region. When I had 1 pair in my underwear rotation, the price was obviously worth it, I would find myself doing the laundry way more often, just so I could wear them. They are perfect for particular situations, but the more you wear them, you realise just how comfortable they are in all situations. And not to mentions when you get home to the wife, girl/boy friend, they will appreciate how they make your package look. A female friend said they are like a wunderbra for men. Again, being a man myself I know that adjusting yourself before presenting yourself is customary, Bn3th are a helping hand in that department too. Weighing up the pros and cons to justify the prices commenced in my head, and then onto paper.
The Classic brief was my first experience, beautiful soft material, and well sized, with good proportions. I had the knowledge of just how comfortable they are in all of these situations, and I decided it would be amazing to have enough pairs for the whole week. So I started my mission to 7 pairs by another 2 pairs of the classics and treated myself to 1 pair of the Entourage, which blew my mind!! The classic as really soft and smooth and provide soft gentle support, the entourage provide additional support, don’t stretch as you wear them and are made from new high-tech materials and some of them are infused with silver, which neutralised bacteria, therefor eliminates smelly odours. All of this contributed to my justification on the extra cost, and I was not disappointed. Think of cycling shorts, but cut a slit for your package to fall through, then add a 3 dimensional cup over said package and you're in the region of the Entourage range. They are even more suited to physical activities, and again provide a new perspective of what is possible with this approach to men's underwear. As an anecdote, on the same trip
I surprised my friends with their gifts, 2 days after I presented them with their new boxers, we went cliff jumping. We all stripped down to our
underwear ready to jump and I noticed one of the lads still has his pair of Entourage on. He said they were so comfortable and weren’t sweaty so he decided he didn’t care to change out of them. And it turns out that impromptu cliff jumping is nothing thing Bn3th excel at, the Entourage pair especially, they dried in minutes and appeared to give confidence to strut about like a peacock. A long weekend trip away climbing with friends, who were also wearing Bn3th to give extra feedback has helped to confirm in my own head what I thought to be. And I have now decided the only thing in my underwear drawer should be Bn3th with this MyPakage technology for all and any occasion. And that like my friend said, Christmas and birthdays presents for men are sorted from this day forth. They call it KeyHole Technology, I can see the light at the end of it and feel compelled to march towards it. Underwear is evolving! The secret to success that lies bn3th the boys were more than happy at the prospect of a days climbing without the danger of trapping their Nuts From this day forth, men shall look forward to christmas's and birthdays, with this special treat for their sack in MyPakage KeyHole technology from BN3TH, quite possible the most comfortable underwear you can buy!!! How has it taken so long for underwear designers to realise men, have 'stuff' down there, that needs allocating for??? The secret to comfort lies BN3TH!!

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